Free online classes: : The best free online courses I’ve found! Though they only have a couple dozen courses so far.

MIT Open Course Ware : The behemoth! I haven’t used it yet, but its MIT. : Excellent courses in HTML/CSS, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, PHP, APIs. : Not as good as, but a good supplement and free. : Some free, some paid. I wouldn’t recommend paying for anything because courses may be hit or miss. Browse the free ones though, there is a multitude. Offers a wide range of free courses with a start date and end date. Advantage: Other people are taking the course with you and you can discuss the material with them! Disadvantages: You can’t progress at your own pace.

Khan Academy: The original free online school! Khan Academy has a ton of great youtube videos and a number of excellent interactive elements for a range of subjects. If you are learning math, this is the place.

Educational Youtube channels:

RSA: Educational videos presenting new innovative ideas in a fun, captivating way including animation!

Crash Course: One educator with his team makes “crash courses” on subjects from History, to Chemistry to Literature. They are fun and packed with information.

Periodic Videos: A charming mad-scientist looking fellow shares his love for chemistry with the world on these informative and entertaining videos.

TED: The New York Times of youtube lecture series.

Education-based websites: A website dedicated to spreading new ideas by getting smart, cutting edge thinkers to talk about what they are doing.

Find Hackerspaces here.


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