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Money and Politics

I’ve been watching lectures from the Festival of Dangerous Ideas in Australia from this year and last year. There is some great stuff, including David Simon, creator and writer for The Wire (one of my favorite shows of all time) … Continue reading

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20 steps to a giant swarm of helpful drones for the people: A conceptual model

I have been thinking a lot about decentralization and how technology can allow things to be managed by a network rather than a central authority. I keep going back to an idea that I heard somewhere (I can’t remember where … Continue reading

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Decentralized Everything

Decentralization, the biggest trend in a century and the best hope for humanity. Decentralized systems are purported to be far more efficient than the hierarchical bureaucracies we have now. They are flat by definition, eliminating the possibility of corruption on … Continue reading

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Why Dogecoin and Coinye are only kind of a joke

    Predicting the future of the internet is never an easy thing to do. Back in the early 90’s when the internet was essentially email and a digital yellow pages there were a savvy few that had any idea … Continue reading

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Big Data, Why Cities are like Mammals, and Why the Future isn’t Totalitarian

I’ve been learning about “Big Data,” which is a hot topic these days. One thing I learned about it is that for every person who is qualified to get a job as a big data analyst their are 100 jobs! … Continue reading

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A mechanical computer that aims guns, an alarm clock, and leaping from a train

This is an amazing ┬átraining video for the Navy from the 1950’s on their mechanical computer used to control guns on the ship. I learned a lot about how certain mechanisms work and it also helped me to better understand … Continue reading

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Noisebridge Hackerspace, creating a community bank and modern machines in ancient China!

Its been a great week of unschooling! On Tuesday I went to Noisebridge, probably the most popular hacker space in the Bay Area. It was abustle! Equipment-wise they have a laser cutter, a wood shop, a few 3D printers, a … Continue reading

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