Udacity’s Intro to Computer Science course and Snowden Leaks article

I resumed my Intro to Computer Science course I am taking for free on Udacity.com. I took some time away from it because it got more difficult and I was lost. I realized that I just needed to go back and review the last lesson, which I now have done. This is a great online class, which I have talked about some in a previous post. It takes you step by step and the professor teaching the class is very good at explaining the material in a logical order. Udacity in general, despite only having a dozen or so courses so far, is probably the best resource for online classes I have found. It is free and constructed very well.

Below are some links to awesome educational stuff!

Here is a excellent in depth article with interviews of key players about the NSA documents leaked by Edward Snowden and the impact they have had.

Here is a real time world map of births and deaths that is mind boggling!

Here is an article about a planet that defies what we know about planets!

Here is an article about the future of the internet as a peer to peer network with no servers and no top-down administration!

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