Sick day learning: Vice and Vsauce2


First I just want to thank everyone who has read my blog so far! It feels great to have the good feedback and some pretty good numbers for just starting out. (Over 100 views!) I am definitely encouraged and will keep posting regularly. Thank you!

So the last couple days I was sick and I didn’t have a whole lot of energy to study hard stuff, so I just watched a lot of educational/ entertaining stuff and wanted to share with you the best of.

If you aren’t familiar with Vice, it is a magazine (physical and online) and video channel on youtube. They create a tremendous amount of content and much of it is pretty great. I’ve learned about the riots in Greece, Mitt Romney’s mormon family in mexico’s battle with drug cartels, the civil war in Syria, and tons of other amazing subjects. Motherboard is their science and technology channel, which is my favorite at the moment.

Yesterday I discovered Vsauce2, which is my new favorite channel on Youtube. I could spend days watching these, especially  the Mind Blow ones. Lots of awesome things at a fast pace with links to learn more about all of the things.

Here’s a website about making robots!
Here’s a guy who made his own ‘Thor’s Hammer’ with a Tesla Coil in it so it actually harnesses the power of thunder!
Here’s an article about a ‘starquake’ that released 10,000 trillion trillion trillion watts!

See you later!

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    I’m feeling much better by the way.

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