Heading to the Mini Maker Fare!

I’m going to go learn about quadcopters and pickling! If I can sneak in successfully I’ll tell you all about it. If you are interested it  is today from now to 5 PM and is $20. (Hence the sneakin’.)

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2 Responses to Heading to the Mini Maker Fare!

  1. Hans Pitsch says:

    I have been absorbed by your blog, but have to confess I don’t have the stamina to listen to Glen Kealy’s entire workshop”. I think he “borrowed” the idea of another humanoid species living under ground from H.G. Wells’ “Time Machine” whose “Traveler” goes on a journey 800000 years into the future and finds the Eloy, a degenerate bunch of little fruit eating people who function as the food for the Morlocks who live underground and go out at night to catch the Eloy. Originally, the Worlocks were the species that did all the work for the Eloy. Therefore, the Eloys’ physical and mental capacities deteriorated and the Warlocks became the savages who exploited the Eloys like life stock. H.G. Wells was a socialist which may explain some of this. I find his speculation about how evolution will play out in the future an interesting thought experiment. Kealy, on the other hand is a crackpot who, when he talks about what he calls “Creation” has nevertheless some interesting conjectures, for example when he talks about how the ”chemistry” of a grain of sand or a blade of grass is transferred into other organisms and he believes that somehow the “Creation” keeps track of the process. He really goes loony in talking about decoding things such as the meaning of “Neanderthaler” and how it is related to Pasadena and the German word for dollar. The name refers just to the location where the skeleton was found namely in the valley (in German Tal or in earlier spelling Thal) of the river Neander. So, it doesn’t refer to money even though there was once a silver coin called Thaler.
    I think you are right about the “warring alliances” rather than the politicians running the show. I also agree that there is no conspiracy of the media. They blabber too much to secretly plot against anybody which, of course, does not mean that they are not beholden to the “warring alliances”.
    I don’t know what you read about the Freemasons, you may know more than I do. What I do know is that my farther, your great grandfather was a deputy master in a freemason lodge. These men (never a woman of course) impressed me as a sorry bunch of bourgeois folks, as conventional as it gets, in spite of their little secrets. They would never have dreamed of accepting an actual mason into their ranks. The masons I knew would not have been able to conspire against anybody. Most of the rumors about the freemasons where spread by the Nazis who accused the freemasons of conspiring with the Jews against Germany.
    Finally, Xirlita and I were delighted that you discovered the cuttlefish. We just saw a show on PBS’ Nova called “The Kings of Camouflage” . If you can get it on the net you should watch it, especially how the cuttlefish hypnotizes its pray.

    • brainchomp says:

      Thank you for your insightful comments Grandpa! I’m so glad you are reading and enjoying my blog!
      I agree that Kealey is at the very least a bit of a crackpot, and didn’t really expect anyone to watch all of it. I do think there are some gems of brilliance in there though. When people’s ideas are way out there, even when they defy logic, I appreciate the courage that it takes to declare them to the world. Thanks for the info about H.G. Wells. I included the Kealey video because I found his tales to be captivating and stimulating, taken as sci-fi or otherwise, and it was relevant to getting me excited about online learning.
      Maia told me recently that my great-grandfather was a Freemason, but I didn’t know he was a deputy master. I agree that they seem like a bourgeois fraternity of the most conventional folks. Although there seems to be a lot of evidence that high up in the ranks they can get pretty into rituals that are rooted in egyptian and pagan religions, for whatever that’s worth. I think it is interesting that unbeknownst to many people, getting high up in this fraternity seems to still give you a lot of clout amongst the elite, so people end up in high positions including presidents, astronauts, CEOs, etc. I think a part of this is that you have to share your dirty secrets with the fraternity, so they can use the threat of blackmail to keep everyone cooperating.

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