From mind-control to Graphene: How I started my journey.

This blog will be frequently updated  and be mostly about what I learned that day and how. But before I do that I will attempt to catch up whoever is interested on some of what I learned in the last 3 months for free online. I will talk more about some of the best resources and coolest things I learned more later, but this is more a story of what lead to what starting out. Bear with me, the road starts off a little, well off road.

So! Like most journeys this one started with disillusionment. It started as a huge binge into “conspiracy theory.” I was introduced by a friend to the work of this man who believes that mass media is a huge conspiracy to manipulate culture on a scale that few people suspect:

Zounds! That paints a pretty bleak picture, and I have to say I think the guy is right. But the future needn’t be so bleak! The world is changing fast and technology is doing at least as much to empower the individual as it is doing to control the masses. It seems to me that every new technology starts out controlled by the few and ends up in the hands of the many! This blog is about the empowerment of the internet to educate the masses (mostly me) so I digress!

Eventually I came upon another man who explained in painstaking length how we are all slaves to a super-species that lives under the surface of the earth, and is descended from, wait for it… the Neanderthal Man:

Now this I’m not so sure of. The whole “workshop” is about four hours long and its just the guy talking. Incredibly, my fiancé and I watched the whole thing in one sitting and were RIVETED! Check it out if you are into theories like that. It’s a doozy, and right or wrong this man is an amazing story teller and it is such an alternate version of everything that I found it enormously mentally stimulating. Anyway the point is that after hearing an argument that seems as outlandish as that and realizing that for all I know Neanderthal Man does control us all from deep beneath the surface of the earth, I became startlingly aware of how much there was for me to learn.

After that I read and watched a tremendous amount about different things related to who really controls the planet over a period of a few weeks. The conclusion I have reached is that as I suspected for a long time, rather than politicians running the show, there seems to be a number of warring alliances of super-powerful factions including the wealthiest banking families, huge religious institutions and owners of major industries that have an insane amount of influence over the way things are. There may or may not be deep earth dwelling super-species involved. Don’t take my word for it, as the fella says. A vast wealth of information (and disinformation) is at your fingertips.

Anyway, along those lines I was reading a lot of original source material about the Freemasons, and they kept going on about sacred geometry. (You can find just about any book or text document from the Pentagon Papers to the complete works of Charles Bukowski for free with a google search. Try it!) The last geometry  class I took was freshman year of high school and I didn’t remember any of it feeling particularly spiritual. I felt like getting a refresher. I googled “learn geometry online” and found

I recommend Kahn Academy for all things mathematical. I refreshed my geometry knowledge as well as algebra and some trigonometry and practically forgot all about the Neanderthals and Masons. Then, looking for something new, I tried their computer programming tutorial. I was surprised at how much I loved it! From there I looked for other sites to teach me computer programming and found a remarkable amount of interactive online tutorials (many significantly better than Kahn’s).

I mostly have been using for coding. I completed the HTML/CSS course and now I know how to make websites! I haven’t done it outside the tutorial yet though. I also am about half way through their python and ruby courses. I did this for about 10 hours a day for two weeks, which I had no idea I was capable of. I discovered my new addiction: free online learning. is pretty good too. I will stick to one’s I’ve tried, but it is noteworthy that MIT put all of their online courses up for FREE.

From there I found Udacity, which has university style online courses. I have done half of their very challenging and awesome Intro to Computer Science course. By the end I will have built a simple search engine! So far I built a working simple web crawler. This is more than I ever expected to know. I also am half way through their Intro to Physics course, which I am enjoying. I can now make calculations about force and movement that I never learned before. I highly recommend Udacity. The courses are very thoughtfully put together.

Other than that I have gotten super into new developments in technology and the concept of a technological singularity, which is the idea that all of these exponentially advancing technologies will come together and dramatically change what it means to be human forever. We’ll see! I for one would love to see the end of fossil fuel use and manipulate my DNA so I can have skin like the cuddle fish:

I will get into more of what I’ve learned about that as the blog rolls on, but for now I will share one thing I’ve learned that is very exciting:


Before I go I want to share one of the most important things I have learned. The best way to learn is to follow your curiosity! Don’t worry about it all adding up. It will. Nobody learns well when they are bored.

That’s all for now! I’ll get back to you soon with posts about what I learn day to day.

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  1. zach johnson says:

    Good shit Alex.keep it coming

  2. Mark Pitsch says:

    Hey Alex,
    Hans told me about your blog. Great entry here. I think I’ll check out some of the websites but probably skip the 1:41 minute Glen Kealey video. I do share your enthusiasm for online education.I think I’ll go to the Code academy now.


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